Sunday, March 21, 2010


The nettles are poking their little heads through the rich, brown earth. Soon it will be time for Nettles Soup, Nettles tea and sauted nettles with garlic that my friend Diana is so fond of. Welcome, Welcome Lady Spring!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saint Patrick's Stew

This is a dish that my children affectionately refer to as St. Patrick's Stew year round. I make it in the crock pot. It's simple and delicious. The corned beef is from local beef that is brined at the local market with no pink salt, no nitrites and no nitrates. I start it the night before I want to serve it.

Serves Eight

Corned Beef or Beef brisket, 3-4 pounds, bring to room temperature
Carrots, 8, cut in logs and split in half
Potatoes, 8 medium, cut in good size chunks
Cabbage, sliced
Onion, 2 large chopped
Garlic, 8 cloves minced
Peppercorns, 12
Bay Leaves, 3 or 4
Dehydrated onion
Salt and Pepper
Beef broth
Hearty Red Wine (optional)

Place potatoes, onions garlic, thyme, dehydrated onion, carrots, and brisket in crock pot. Cover with beef broth and or water. Add bay leaves and peppercorns. Add salt and pepper to taste. Turn crock pot on low and let cook overnight. Leave on warm setting during the day. Brisket should fall apart. Add cabbage an hour before serving. Enjoy!